Crazy Roll 3D


Crazy Roll 3D is a run game where you control a ball rolling down on a sloping platform. Go far as long as you can, avoid the obstacles, collect diamonds.

Your goal is to combine different types of weapons to make more powerful guns, upgrade your handgun, discover all of the power-ups, and become the best shooter in town.

To do so, take aim with a bit of pistol, shoot without fear, and win money for each kill. Once you've amassed enough coins, you can invest them in additional weaponry and match them together to create the most deadly weapons possible. Prepare your armament, investigate all of the available power-ups to make your task more straightforward, and become the best shooter in town, proving you have the best aim and reflexes in the world!

This game was developed and released by TinyDobbins.

Platforms: Now is available through a web browser.

How to play Crazy Roll 3D

  • Select and move weapons - Click and drag the left mouse button
  • Shoot enemies - Drag and move the mouse cursor

It's time to eliminate hundreds of armed opponents who are waiting to take your life behind barricades and thick concrete walls one by one.