Drift boss


Drift Boss is an addictive racing game where you have to control your vehicle past endless roads with various dangerous curves and avoid falling into space.

This exciting car racing game makes you immerse yourself in a speed world where you want to show your skills and abilities.

The gameplay is simple but hard to master. All you need to do is click or release the left mouse button to control your car. However, it isn't easy to get a high score. Changes in the direction of the road make you face challenges to anticipate and react in time. Avoid falling into the deep space. Falling means dying and becoming a loser. Besides that, there are many corners where you have to pay special attention to overcome because it needs precise judgment when turning.

This game features fantastic music, excellent graphics, and entertaining gameplay that help you get rid of boredom. Let's press the Start button and explore this game!

Features of Drift Boss

  • Fun and exciting gameplay
  • Attractive racing game
  • Level up 
  • Singleplayer

Release Date

  • Nov 29 2019

How to play

  • Click or Release the left mouse button to control