Basketball Line


Basketball Line is a fun game, draw a line for the ball to land on the goal. You must avoid explosions and precisely time your drawings.

Everyone's favorite sport, basketball and conflict outlines in Basketball Line. Never mind that the opposing team's players are hidden! Your most important tool in this game is your pen. They suggest you start writing because they believe the pen is the most effective weapon. Try to maintain your current score and speed within the given time without making any mistakes.

We hope you have faith in your creativity as this game is all about drawing. Good fortune! The object of the game is to make the basketball path to the roundabout without knocking it over. Take your time drawing straight lines by pressing and holding the left mouse button. You are not allowed to scribble as much as you want!

You can check how many pens you have left by looking at the top of the screen as your ink supply is limited. You can also check your level, which affects your overall level. Tired of the usual appearance of basketball? You have the right to change it! In several stages, gems will be scattered in the basket in various places. To catch them, you have to hit them with your ball.

With the gems you get while playing, you can buy new basketballs in the game. There are a total of six balls, and each has a different price. Are they all unlockable? Get past your previous high score and complete the stages with ease.

How to play

Please press the left button of the mouse. By moving the ball around, you can create a path for it to follow.