Monster Race 3D


Monster Race 3D is a fun racing game where you can experience an exciting speed race while overcoming various topographic to reach the finish line first.

Welcome to a speed world where you can enjoy a unique race with monster trucks! This game brings wonderful moments thanks to vivid tracks and cool graphics.

Your mission is to race against your opponents on ten different tracks and gain first place. Be careful because these tracks feature ramps and gaps. You will not want to crash or end up last. This game is suitable for everyone and available on desktop or mobile so that you can play this game alone or with friends or relatives. Let's play together and demonstrate your skillful abilities!

Features of Monster Race 3D

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Racing game
  • Multiplayer

Release Date

  • Feb 02 2022

How to play

  • Player 1: WASD Keys
  • Player 2: Arrow Keys