Balls Lines Colors


Balls Lines Colors a game with infinite playability. Controlling the ball so that it moves in a straight line while keeping the same color is the main goal.

In this game, although the gameplay is quite simple, the challenges require expertise. Can you control your ball? You will love playing our game after playing it for the first time.

Similar to the color smash game, this game also has similar rules. Just move the ball on the line of the same color. There are three main line types. They are red, yellow and green lines. From top to bottom, they traversed the entire field. Remember that they will increase the speed gradually.

Avoid hitting a line of a different color if you don't want to lose immediately. Try your best to get the highest score while surviving the longest.

Try to overcome the color barrier in the free online game Balls Lines Colors. They can only be moved over positions where the color of the ball contrasts with the surrounding balls. Swipes allow the ball to be directed to a certain color. The color of the ball will change after navigating the obstacle.

How to play

How to play this game is quite simple. You have to use mouse to play this game or swipe to change the direction of the ball.