Paper.io 2


Paper.io 2 is a fun game of skill, you have to control a lot of space by occupying the squares of your favorite color to win.

Claim new lands and defeat your enemies in Paper.io 2. In this engaging and addictive online multiplayer game, get ready to compete with players from around the world. On the map, how many rooms can you build?

Create a username for yourself before starting the game so you can track your progress on the leaderboard. Just click the play button to start playing the game. Each participant tries to expand their range by starting with a small circle area. You do that by exploring the entire map.

Pay attention to where the character lands. The typical gray brick is quite safe and sturdy. The stones are shiny and difficult to balance. The rich vegetation is unstable and often dangerous. Lava pools have a scary red color. Avoid having them pay all the costs. Checkpoints with a sandy background act as respawn points and save some player progress. The dark blue hexagons will gradually come under pressure and return to their original shape after a while.

How to play

Move the mouse pointer around. By pressing WASD or the arrow keys, you can move in the direction you want. Jump using LMB or SPACEBAR. Hold Shift to accelerate.