Vex 4


Vex 4 is a skill game, you play as a stickman and go on missions through 9 different levels, you can climb, jump, swim and fly to avoid obstacles.

Prepare yourself to race at the fastest possible speed, jump through treacherous canyons, avoid deadly traps and climb to the highest score for the fourth time! As you overcome several hurdles to achieve victory, let adrenaline flow through your body and guide your movements.

You can expect action packed gameplay with challenging levels including tricky traps. Your goal is to complete each level in the Vex universe, similar to previous games in the series. There are a total of 9 actions in Vex 4, and each action has obstacles that are difficult to navigate. Every turn leads to danger.

You can use the mouse to look around the character's current location. When the next platform or trap is above you or below you and not clearly visible on your screen, this is quite useful. By successfully completing multiple obstacles indicated at the bottom of the screen, you can unlock the Hard Mode version of each action. Prove to them that you are invincible!

How to play

To continue, press the AD key or the left and right arrow keys. Press the W key or the up arrow key to jump. In the Vex world, there are sometimes narrow passages. To crawl, slide, or crawl through those narrow spaces, use the down arrow key or the S key. To access behaviors, you also need to use the S key or the down arrow key. When you are at the top of the entrance, press down.