Fit Balls


Fit Balls is a fun ball game where you have to stuff every ball into the container while preventing any from going through the top lane.

Get ready for Fit Balls to test your strategic thinking! Even though the balls are solid and not liquid, it's hard to put them in an unusually shaped bowl. But in this entertaining puzzle game you will succeed in it. However, you should not worry because you can do so thanks to our way of making balls.

The balls must be placed in oddly shaped vases at the bottom of the game screen. The number of balls you need to use is indicated below each ball. The maximum level of the bowl is marked with a line visible above it.

If you pass that line but cannot complete the level, you can start over by clicking the restart button in the upper right corner. Also, if you get stuck, you can use a bomb to detonate one of the balloons. Remember to look at your remaining balls at the bottom of the screen.

How to play

You can use mouse to play this game. Wish you happy gaming!