Fire Balls


Fire Balls is a simple ball game where your goal is to avoid obstacles while using fire balls to destroy towers of various geometries.

One of the most played games worldwide is Fire Ball, where players can control cannons and take down towers. Make a mess of towers and take them all down.

In the Fire Ball skill game, you can let loose your destructive side without worrying about the negative outcome! Launch cannon to take down the tower! Enjoy the chaos and damage you bring! You as a player have a pretty simple goal. In each stage, take down every tower you see. You will witness several skyscrapers built in stages using different mathematical shapes.

To complete a level, you must time your shots correctly to avoid hitting any obstacles. The towers will shrink after each successful attack until they are completely destroyed. Three towers are placed on each level. On top of the first two towers, there are diamonds for you to collect. The treasure box is at the top of the last tower in every level. You will slide the level if you miss the target and hit something at the base of the tower.

You will unlock a special shot if you make a few successful shots. This bonus symbol is located in the lower left corner of the screen. You can remove the obstacles by clicking on the icon to fire this shot. At the end of each level, you will get three stars if you completely destroy all three towers. You will get more points as you gain more stars. Go through each level and push yourself as you try to surpass your previous best.

How to play

To play, use the mouse or touch the screen.