Bounce And Collect


Bounce And Collect is a ball game where you need to complete your task of filling glass cups with balls.

To succeed in this amazing puzzle game, all you have to do is bounce and collect! Let the ball flow by lowering the cup. By increasing your income, they will find their way! To avoid regrets later, do your estimation carefully.

Your brain is about to be trained like never before! This amazing puzzle game will also bring a lot of fun to you. You've got a cup full of little balls. Your goal is to collect as many balls as possible. Targets can change based on levels. To get more balls, scatter the balls across the path. Getting the most balls should always be your goal.

You get more coins as you collect more balls. The game is over if you cannot complete the desired number of balls. Choose the route with the most useful green zone. Use your coins to buy better glossy skins from the in-game store, don't forget! With the restart button at the top left of the game screen, you can always continue your current level.

How to play

To play this game you can use mouse or touch controller.