Hot Dog Bush


Hot Dog Bush is a cooking game that will make you happy, you play as the owner and sell delicious hot dogs to your customers, improving your dishes more diverse.

Prepare to create the best hot dogs and burgers in Hot Dog Bush. One of the most abrupt career changes you'll ever see is about to happen. And the individual in question is none other than George Bush.

Your goal in this game is to help him cook perfect burgers and hot dogs. Are you willing to learn more about the kitchen industry and experience this story firsthand?

There are two game modes, however speed mode won't be available until you get far enough in career mode. To complete each level in career mode, you must earn a specific amount. Just look at the order when the customer arrives and click on the ingredients to start cooking. Give the ingredients to the buyer after pulling them to the counter.

How to play

Depending on what the customer wants, prepare hot dogs and other foods. To cook and serve meals to customers, click or drag the food. To move on to the next level, reach the total number of goals for each level.