Letter Boom Blast


Letter Boom Blast needs you to aim correctly and hit the ball to win this exciting game that you can play for free on your phone or computer.

Do you like to play baseball? Do you remember small four to six letter words well? In fact, Letter Boom Blast is not a baseball-specific arcade game but rather, it's a letter puzzle game.

Letter Boom Blast is a great choice for both baseball physics and word games because it features a 3D stickman baseball player and yellow letter blocks. You progress to the end by finding all the wrong letters and crossing them out within the time limit of each level. If you enter the wrong character, you must wait a moment and try again. I wish you success in completing each level and good luck with your memorization.

You can help the red stickman baseball player to the finish line by quickly blasting all the wrong letters from the walls of blocks on the track in each level. I'm glad you can complete every level and always find the wrong letter quickly!

How to play

To play this game you can swipe/hold to aim and release to shoot. Can be played on your mobile phone or computer.