Ball And Bricks


Ball And Bricks is an interesting ball shooting game, you need to align to burst the squares containing the numbers inside and in time before the blocks fall.

This game allows you to blast numbered bricks with loads of balls to wear them down. Grab the defense boosters, get more ammo in each level and shoot blocks to get away from you! Keep up with the growing crowd by using barriers to reach the furthest corners.

To shoot the ball, click or tap the screen, drag to aim and then release. Use walls to break multiple blocks at once and kill multiple birds with one stone! Keep doing more powerful attacks on approaching blocks while trying to stay focused in the neon vibrant theme.

Before the balls come back, hit the + symbols to get another turn. When the bricks hit the ground, this booster sends balloons back to them, tripling your attack count for that round. If you lose, save your game on checkpoint levels and start from there. Get unique boosters for emergencies by collecting diamonds to unlock special ball patterns.

How to play

You can use the mouse to play, drag and aim the ball to shoot and break as many blocks as possible.