Stickman Archer Castle


Stickman Archer Castle is a fighting game where you have to defend your castle from attacking enemy units. Shoot and kill them with arrows.

As the terrible bricks of destruction approach, the kingdom in Stickman Archer Castle is in a state of panic! After the king declares, the archers will take a defensive position. You are one of those archers, so raise your bow to protect the country. Can you afford to remove these floating bricks before they escape?

By using your sniper skills to take down your enemies, you can please your friends and convince them that you are worthy of that nickname. Destroying any block will block any block that passes you in this game.

Since these blocks move very fast, you have to rely on your quick reflexes to stop them. If a block is permeable and you cannot destroy it, the game is over. The fate of the kingdom is up to you to decide. Hold your bow tight and shoot forward.

How to play

The game can be played with the mouse. Keep pressing left mouse button while clicking on the screen and aim with pointer. Release LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot an arrow. Each block needs 10 hits to remove.