Color Bump 3D


Color Bump 3D is a ball game that requires you to move the ball and dodge all the obstacles ahead.

As you navigate the ball through a series of challenging levels filled with obstacles, your goal is to reach the finish line. We trust that Color Bump 3D will keep you entertained for hours thanks to hundreds of levels and engaging game mechanics.

Everyone can play with different difficulty levels because the gameplay is quite simple. Your goal in this amazing game is to reach the finish line of each level without being damaged by any of the numerous obstacles scattered all over the place. Each stage has a shape with two distinct colors. You won't get hurt if you touch objects of the same color as your ball, but you should avoid doing so as objects of other colors can be quite dangerous. As soon as a level starts, you move forward.

Use YOUR MOUSE to go around the obstacles. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON while swiping the mouse to move your ball. By manipulating other objects, you can remove barriers from your path. From small to large obstacles, you will encounter them all. While some are easy to avoid, others call for a more creative strategy. Quickly make your way through tight places while avoiding shifting obstacles to complete each level.

How to play

To move the ball, click and drag the mouse left or right.