Bubble Shooter Candy 2


Bubble Shooter Candy 2 is a game where you enter the world of colored balls, shoot balls of the same color and quickly clear them from the board.

With Bubble Shooter Candy 2, you need to shoot the sweetest candies to score points! Prepare to discover the delicious effects and dizzying speed of the approaching waves of sparkling bubbles.

Use the walls for precise aim to complete your aim! To keep playing, use your main level aim to shoot bubbles of the same color while avoiding waves of candy. What are you waiting for, let's start your first game! To see where you're aiming, move your mouse around or touch and hold your finger on the screen. Take advantage of the walls to your advantage and use them to bounce bubbles as you shoot the most challenging sets.

You can enhance your abilities by shooting faster as the game tempo increases. Try all three settings in the settings menu to change the difficulty of the game. See your score in the section below and compare it with the gold cup. Improve with practice and set new records to collect every trophy.

How to play

You can click and drag your mouse to burst bubbles while aiming.