Hit Cans 3D


Hit Cans 3D is a game that uses the ball to throw pre-built cans through levels, as many empty cans as possible by observing your target accurately.

Use your natural acumen to hit as many cans as you can in Hit Cans 3D while holding a cue stick in your hand. Each level of play should focus on scoring as there are several cans setup methods for you to get into.

You must be able to dribble accurately. This is important because you only have one chance to use three balls in each level. If you run out of baseball, you should start the level again. Grandstands or fireworks may sometimes be present to spice up the stage. Think carefully before firing them.

By selecting the right target and clicking on the point you want to aim, try to get rid of all the cans, bottles or anything else that is being sorted. You are about to play a great shooting game with attractive 3D graphics and beautiful impressive movements.

How to play

Aim and orient where you want to throw the ball then left click.