Red Ball 5


Red Ball 5 is a super fun rolling game, you have to guide the red ball as it jumps, collect stars and avoid hazards.

This is the best baseball game ever played. Players in the bouncing ball game have to roll the ball accurately to get rid of the scary obstacles in its path. Playing this game with bouncing balls requires you to roll each ball and direct it around the obstacles. To assist the ball in its journey, you must also collect all the yellow stars.

Your only goal for each level is to unlock the portal at the end of that level. To unlock the portal, you must collect a specific number of stars scattered across the levels. You can see how many more stars you need to earn in the top right corner of the screen. Collecting some stars will be quite easy. Some of them are locked behind doors or on higher floors, so you have to solve puzzles to get to them. Each level has a hidden treasure chest.

The path to these hidden gems is hidden until you get close to them, so make sure to search every nook and cranny of the level. Each level also has enemies that you can fight or avoid. When the red orb comes into contact with a horned enemy, it takes damage, however, you can lunge at enemies without horns to kill them. In the upper left corner of the screen, look at your life. Once you've used up your three lives, the game is over. You have to complete each level before time runs out, so keep an eye on it. By carefully considering your movements, try to earn three stars in each level!


  • There are more than a hundred levels of rolling balls.
  • Stunning, vibrant images.
  • There are many nasty creatures to fight, such as spiders and thorny cactus.
  • How to play something easy but attractive.
  • The platformer includes incredible levels with physics based action and adventure.
  • Ideal images and sizes were used.
  • Platform levels with challenging physics.
  • Danger, enemies, and dynamic elements and special physics.
  • Easy touch controls.

How to play

Use the right and left arrow keys at the same time to roll the ball. To jump the ball, use the up arrow. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to prevent the ball from bouncing in front of the dangerous fence. Collect the required number of gold stars while the game is still going. Find the magic door and use the ball to pass it to the next level. Observe the types of crates and boxes. Engage in difficult but fascinating levels of difficulty.