Flappy Footchinko


Flappy FootChinko is a soccer game that tries to overcome all obstacles and achieve the ideal goal in a football game that blends Foot Chinko and Flappy Bird.

With Flappy Footchinko, get ready for the ultimate soccer experience! Join the contest and go play soccer! Do you have the necessary abilities to win every contest and collect every trophy?

You are responsible for the ball in this game, not the players. There is a lot to do in this game and there are 2 different play styles to play. From the main menu, select a mode to start the game. The main mode is tournament. By kicking the ball into the other team's goalpost and scoring, you'll try to win every game.

On the field, there are several other teams and various obstacles. The ball will bounce up and down if you click on the screen. You will die if you come into contact with the electric fence. You can enter seven different tournaments that you will eventually unlock. You will get a trophy for winning a competition by beating every team.

After winning the first trophy, you can enter the second game mode. Collecting as many coins as possible in this infinite mode is your main goal. Multiplayer can be purchased with this amount.

How to play

The game can be played with the mouse. If you click or tap anywhere on the screen, the ball will jump.