Funny Crazy Runner


Funny Crazy Runner is an exciting runner game in which you have to overcome all vehicles and run as far as possible. Show your skills and get the highest score!

Welcome to a traditional and fun never-ending runner game. You must dash down a gorgeous road while jumping over automobiles, bombs, and tires while collecting wonderful coins and food. Take caution not to fall under the automobile or jump on the explosives. The basic purpose of the game is to travel as far as possible while accumulating the most points.

The gameplay is classic and simple but exciting to play. This game is predicted to bring great and pleasant moments for you whenever you play. Let's participate in this game to enjoy the great graphics with a beautiful landscape! Have fun!

Features of Funny Crazy Runner

  • Fun and classic gameplay
  • Various vehicles
  • Beautiful landscape and colorful graphics

How to play

  • Use mouse or tap to screen.