Bubble Hit


Bubble Hit is familiar bubble shooting game. Use your mouse to aim your bubble shot and click left mouse button to release bubbles.

We are glad you joined us in this fascinating bubble field where you can feel the joy captured in rad bubble art. You can rest assured that this game will not be too difficult for you because you must have played ball shooting games before.

You will detonate colorful bubbles in this part. You can create groups of three or more bubbles of the same color by launching bubbles of the same type at each other. You will get bonus points if you clear many bubbles with just one shot. In case you cannot combine a combination, the playing field goes down one row. Scoring as many points as possible while blowing every bubble is the main goal of the game. Use a variety of power-ups, including explosives and targeting aids.

You must locate the matching of at least three additional bubbles of the same color to remove the bubble from the board. You have to pay attention to your angles when bouncing bubbles off the wall to reach the limited space. Solar and lightning bombs can be used to clear large areas, and clearing bubbles near ice blocks can melt them. Continue to explode until there are no more bubbles.

How to play

Click the leftmost button of the mouse or tap the screen with your finger to shoot bubbles. To quickly clear the field, aim for a bubble of your color.