Drive Your Car


Drive Your Car is an exciting driving game in which you have to control your vehicle and avoid all other vehicles to run as long as possible.

Welcome to a running game called Drive Your Car. Your goal is to drive your sports automobile as far as possible without colliding with other vehicles. Use the arrow key to move your car and press space to jump. Each collision costs you a life. You have three lives, so you will die after three collisions. Appreciate your every life! The game features a unique level that steadily increases in difficulty. The car speed increases following time, and the traffic is also heavier. Be careful to drive safely!

The gameplay is simple and easy to control. Let's participate in this game and challenge yourself! Good luck!

Features of Drive Your Car

  • Fun and addictive driving game
  • Simple gameplay and easy controls
  • Various obstacles
  • Endless races

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move your car Press Space to jump your car.