I'm The One


I'm The One is a fun running action game in which you have to control your car to avoid red balls and complete the races. It's is an addictive game!

If you are interested in running and driving a car game, this game is ideal for you to enjoy. Coming to this game, you can experience the feelings of driving within the rain of bullets. Do you dare to start these challenges?

In this game, you are the red car in lane number, and the only way to win is to reach the goal. You must keep your car from being destroyed by gunfire fired from the walls. You may keep track of how many times you've won by reaching the target. The gameplay is simple because you only control it with a single touch. Just touch the goal, and your cars will automatically run. See how simple it is to play!

Features of I'm The One 

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Simple gameplay with one touch
  • Cool music

How to play

  • Use mouse click to play game